Who we are

SEIDA is an abbreviation for Small Enterprises Institutional Development Associates a private, non-profit making Consulting Institution incorporated under company’s ordinance cap. 212 for the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania in September 2000 . SEIDA was formed to produce and disseminate specialized training packages and consultancy services appropriate for the development of strong and vibrant institutions and individuals capable of contributing towards the poverty reduction initiatives and millennium development targets in the peri-urban and rural areas.

The training and consultancy services focus on:

  • Human Resources Development;
  • Institutional Development;
  • Entrepreneurship Skills Development
  • Advocacy for the SME’s Development
  • Situational analysis and Planning for Self-help organizations.

SEIDA operations are guided by an Advisory Board, with directors drawn from NGOs, Academic/ Research Institutions and the private sector. In execution of its activities, SEIDA is headed by the Executive Director assisted by professional staff specializing in different disciplines of the organization areas of operations.

Small Enterprises Institutional Development Associates Ltd was incorporated in the year 2000, with registration # 40,063 and Tax Payer Identification #s 102-851-676. The company is independent and no partisan; SEIDA supports and works both with Development agencies/ Programs and agribusiness sectors in strengthening collective actions of the smallholder producers. The company allows the clients and smallholders to tape its professional inputs for smallholder’s institutional developments and arrangements, collective marketing, collective access to inputs, collective linkages to finance, contract farming and collective bulking/storage. Smallholders as well as programs that support the sector face significant challengesthat hinder their participation in new marketing opportunities. Markets in the developingworld are characterized by perva-sive imperfections such as lack of information on pricesand technologies, high transaction costs, and credit constraints. Moreover, procurementsystems often expect larger supply volumes, favoring larger farmers. With the increasingnumber of free trade agreements affecting both national and international commoditymarkets, smallholder farmers are forced to compete not only with their local peers, but alsowith farmers from other countries as well as domestic and international agribusinesses.


To serve development programs, stakeholders and smallholders in provision of demand driven and evidence based agribusiness development solutions.


To be the leader and preferred provider of smallholder agribusiness development services in Tanzania..


  1. Fredrick Ogenga Director
  2. Miss Clarah Adel Director
  3. Bildadi N. Charles Director


Meeting the programs /projects milestones: The Company teams and associates are at the service of our clients to support them in realization of their specific programs and projects quick wins with their respective audiences/targets; this is made possible by utilization of the company in house tools and processes in execution of the specified assignments for our clients, these includes training materials, adaptation of the curriculum’s and frontline data collection tools etc.

Our Flexible & powerful reporting capability ensures that the client can leverage available time of the assignments to establish profiles and data necessary for communicating the progress and situation of their programs/projects audiences.

Programs/projects cost effectiveness: It is in our interest to support our clients by undertaking activities that they would have done without necessarily recruiting substantial number of the field teams of all the cadres and backgrounds that their activities/projects may require; we provide them with a helping hand and complement their efforts by providing inputs that they need most by working directly with their targets through a specific contracts.


‘’Unity And Self-Reliance Are The Pillars Of Success’’

In response to the above and others not highlighted SEIDA supports amongst others;

Institutional arrangements

Simple and understandable rules increase compliance within organizations because they are easily monitored and reduce governance and coordination costs. There is also a need for established accountability and enforcement mechanisms. We help smallholder members to craft rules themselves and adapted to the local context (as opposed to the rules imposed from the outside of the group) have a higher likelihood of being understood and followed, which contributes to the effective-ness and sustainability of collective actions and efforts.

Beneficiaries Satisfaction

Beneficiaries satisfaction is the source of our existence and where staff and members benefits stems from. We exceed our clients expectations through continuous improvement in programs solutions, quality and response.

Provide enabling facilitation

As a market facilitator, or a “chain champion,” is crucial in supporting farmer groups to access profitable markets. We serve as a catalyst for collective action around mar- keting by providing information and technical assistance as well as building managerial and entrepreneurial capacity of the group. Such a role may even enable the farm- ers to renegotiate power relations along the value chain by introducing marketing and institutional innovations, which involve redefining roles and objectives, finding new ways

to market a product, and accessing sources of funding and training opportunities. In sum, this actor would smooth the processes by which farmer groups overcome barriers to entry, such as low technical and organizational capacity, infor- mational asymmetries, and often financial constraints.


The way we do business is by being just and honest in all assignments that we accept. We continuously keep our promises and abide by all terms and conditions of the contracts we enter. We conduct ourselves in accordance with our business rules and established code of ethics.

Our Staff

Our staff is the foundation of our excellence and strength. We are fully committed to their fair and effective recruitment, development, motivation and recognition. We provide them with the tools, training and support to achieve excellence in their areas of specializations.


We are committed to emerging technologies and solutions for our programs, processes and services. We seek improvement and innovation in every element of our business.


Our workplaces and service reflect our value for the environment and ensure safety and good health to all.